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New Territories North Region Project LinkGuard - Property Management (Security) Awards 2017
Central Park Towers, Kingswood Villas ( Sherwood Court), Kingswood Villas (Chestwood Court), Kingswood Villas ( Lynwood Court), Kingswood Villas (Kenswood Court), Seasons Palace, Uptown, Yucci Square - 1 Star Award
Kingswood Villas (Maywood Court) - 3 Star Award
Villa Esplanada – Certificate of Appreciation

The 16th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award
Citybase - Safety Culture Award – Silver Award
Citybase - Best Screenplay/Best Content Award – Gold Award
Citybase - Best Presentation Award – Silver Award
Citybase - Best Visual Effects Award – Bronze Award
1881 Heritage - Best Performer Award – Silver Award

Hong Kong Green Organization Certification
Caribbean Bazaar - Wastewi$e Certificate – Excellence Level