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2023 Hong Kong Volunteer Award

Corporate & Non-Commercial Organization (Volunteer Hours) Top Ten Highest Volunteer Hours (Group 1: Corporate with 1,000 or above full-time employees) Citybase Property Management Limited
Caring Estate Certificate Banyan Garden, Central Park Towers, Kingswood Villas (Locwood Court), Kingswood Villas (Sherwood Court), Kingswood Villas (Chestwood Court), Kingswood Villas (Lynwood Court), Kingswood Villas (Maywood Court), Kingswood Villas (Kenswood Court), Laguna City (Ph 1, 2 & 4), Villa Esplanada

Winter Visiting 2023-24
Citybase Property Management Limited - Certificate of Appreciation

2022 Security Services Best Training Award
Citybase Property Management Limited - Award of Gold (Licensed Security Company – Type 1)

Kwai Tsing District Outstanding Security Personnel Awards 2023
Villa Esplanada: Cheung Kwok Keung, Ho Ming Fai Peter - Outstanding Security Personnel Award

Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste 2022/23
Central Park Towers - Award for Promotion
Villas Esplanada - Gold Award
Total 18 Properties - Certificate of Merit

Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste

Award for Promotion +WOO
Bronze Award (Industrial/Office) Harbour Centre Tower 2
Bronze Award (Shopping Mall/Arcade) Belvedere Square
Award for Enhancement Guardforce Centre, Harbour Centre Tower 2, Belvedere Square
Certificate of Merit(Shopping Mall/Arcade) +WOO, Laguna Plaza, The Pacifica Mall, Smartland
Certificate of Merit (Industrial/Godown) Fo Tan Industrial Centre, Kwai Wu Industrial Building, Leader Industrial Centre, Vanta Industrial Centre
Certificate of Merit (Industrial/Office) Richwealth Industrial Building
Certificate of Merit (Pure Office) Concordia Plaza
Certificate of Merit (Mixed Office) Guardforce Centre

Recycling Fund: Hong Kong Outstanding Freen Event Award Ceremony 2023
Citybase Property Management Limited, Central Park Towers - Certificate of Merit

Computer & Communication Products Recycling Programme
Goldwin Heights, Lido Garden - Certificate of Appreciation

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme
Goldwin Heights - Certificate of Appreciation