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Environmental Protection

Citybase proactively promotes environmental protection. An environmental code of practice and policy statement have been issued to staff for clear guidelines to promote a "Green Office" as staff are encouraged to save resources; while our managed properties have adopted environmental protection policies. Citybase has also been awarded Honorary Certificate of Hong Kong Green Mark in the “Wood Recycling & Tree Conservation Scheme” organized by the Environmental Protection Association. As a recognition of outstanding landscape design and horticultural maintenance, several managed properties have been continuously awarded with a number of prizes in the “Best Landscape Awards” organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. . These awards have recognized our continued effort in promoting environmental protection. 

Citybase organizes "green" activities, such as recycle campaigns, tree planting, hobby farming, as well as staging seminars and exhibitions in conjunction with environmental groups from time to time, with the aim of promoting environmental-friendly practices and green living style to our customers.

Citybase Property Management Limited - CLP Energy-Saving Missions – Summer Saver Rebate 2023
May 2023
Kingswood Villas - Green@LongPing Recycling Activity 2022
August 2022
Kingswood Villas - Green@LongPing Recycling Activity 2022
JULY 2022
Citybase Property Management Limited - Paper Saving Activity 2022
June 2022
Kingswood Villas - Green@LongPing Recycling Activity 2022
May 2022